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Berryhill Primary School




News and Events
              Summer Term - April to June
2nd   - P1 Teddy Bears Picnic
3rd  – In-service Day
7th  - Holiday
9th  - Parent Council Bingo Night
29/30th – School Show  -  P7 Coltness Visit
31st – Nursery Prince & Princess Party for the Jubilee
1st  – Holiday
4th – Holiday
5thHoliday (Queen’s  Jubilee)                       
6th - P7 to Kilbowie  -   Nursery Parent’s Meetings  
7th  – Nursery Parent’s  Meetings - School Sports Day
11th– School Parent’s Evening & Reports - Nursery Parent's
12/13/14th – P1 Induction
14th/ 15th – P7 visit C.V.H.S.
15th – Nursery Sports Day
20th – Nursery Graduation
21st – Leaver’s Disco
22nd – Shorts & Shades Day
26th – World of Work Day
27th  –  Annual Prize Giving
28th  -  Close 1pm
Berryhill Primary School & Nursery Class
Values, Beliefs & Aims
Children are helped to make the right choices in a aspects of
learning & behaviour to enable them to become skilled
 learners and caring future citizens   
Parents, Carers and friends are always welcome and their concerns valued, we are a “family school”.

Foundation skills of learning are assured and children are given opportunities to achieve success, challenge and enjoyment in the full range of learning areas so as to develop their talents and gifts.

All learning is enhanced by establishing effective partnerships with the school’s community.

Children and staff are provided with a safe haven which nurtures, protects and promotes achievement.

Children and staff are excited by learning and motivated to become life long learners, able to take full advantage of their next stage or pathway in their learning journey.

Children are provided with rich and memorable learning experiences which will inspire them to learn, help them to uncover their talents and challenge them to strive for excellence.

At Berryhill we aim to develop our pupils intellectually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically to the best of their abilities in a happy and secure environment.

Carrie Nicol
  Head Teacher



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